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Tips for researching for Nursing resources.

Nursing Databases

Books, Ebooks, and Media

Browse in the Library stacks, 2nd floor.

When you are visiting the library, feel free to browse the library's collection on the 2nd floor by call number. These call number ranges are of interest to the field of Nursing:

RC Internal medicine

RG Gynecology and obstetrics

RJ Pediatrics

RM Therapeutics. Pharmacology

RT Nursing

RX Homeopathy


Some especially useful call numbers:

R 723-726 Medical philosophy. Medical ethics

R 726.5-726.8 Medicine and disease in relation to psychology. Terminal care. Dying

R 727-727.5 Medical personnel and the public. Physician and the public

R 855-855.5 Medical technology

RA 643-645 Disease (Communicable and noninfectious) and public health

RA 645.3-645.37 Home health care services

RA 645.5-645.9 Emergency medical services

RA 771-771.7 Rural health and hygiene. Rural health services

RB 37-56.5 Clinical pathology. Laboratory technique

RC 71-78.7 Examination. Diagnosis

RD 49-52 Surgical therapeutics. Preoperative and postoperative care

RD 99-99.35 Surgical nursing

RG 940-991 Maternal care. Prenatal care services

RJ 101-103 Child health. Child health services

RJ 240 Immunization of children (General)

RJ 242-243 Hospital care of children

RJ 245-247 Nursing of children. Pediatric nursing

RM 138 Drug prescribing

RM 139 Prescription writing

RM 146-146.7 Misuse of therapeutic drugs. Medication errors

RM 147-180 Administration of drugs and other therapeutic agents

RM 265-267 Antibiotic therapy. Antibiotics

RM 270-282 Immunotherapy. Serotherapy

RM 283-298 Endocrinotherapy. Organotherapy

RM 300-666 Drugs and their actions

RM 671-671.5 Nonprescription drugs. Patent medicines

Note: RT (Nursing) is not separated into specific nursing specialties.