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Citation: ASA Style

This is an overview with examples of the American Sociologist Association citation style.

What is ASA?

The American Sociologist Association (ASA) has existed since 1905 to further the work of sociologists and the field of study. Sociology explores social order and social change. The ASA style is the standard citation method for those in the field of sociology.  

Where do I cite?

In an academic paper, there are two places where you need to provide citations:

In-text. When you use a quote, paraphrase, data, or other evidence found in research, you should include an in-text citation at the end of the sentence.  

References. The last page of a research paper lists all citations used to support your writing alphabetically. 

How can I prepare to cite things correctly?

When you begin the research process, open a blank document to save citation information. Having this information ready before you even begin your paper can save you time trying to track it down later. 

On this document, record your own notes about the resources. What did you learn from this resource? How does this resource support your main points? 

As you're writing your research paper, information for your in-text citations will be readily available. Then once you've completed your research paper, you can delete your notes notes and transform the document into your References list. 

Where can I learn more?

This guide itself is our first recommendation for learning how to use ASA Style. Moving on from there, we'd recommend that you check out the published ASA Style Guide. Finally, many people find the Purdue OWL to be a helpful resource. 

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