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Graduate Degree Programs Resources

Guide to resources to assist graduate students in conducting research.

Resources for Graduate Students

Any student working on a Master’s degree needs to be proficient in research. Using the library’s databases will assist you in your coursework towards your degree.  Follow the tabs for recommended resources for each graduate degree offered at Reinhardt University.

Tips for Starting Your Research

Databases provide scholarly articles published in professional and trade journals across all disciplines.  The research and information in these articles will give you an edge in your research.  It is recommended to use these before books when researching, as they are published more frequently and quickly than traditional books.  As a Reinhardt student, you have access to over 150 databases.

GALILEO and ProQuest Databases offer interdisciplinary search of multiple databases in one search. These are excellent places to begin research.

Use the “Advanced Search” to customize & narrow your results.

TIP: Be sure to always check “Full Text” and “Scholarly (peer reviewed) sources” before clicking the Search button. This will ensure you only receive the search results that will be useful to you.

Read more EBSCOhost search tips

Read more ProQuest search tips

Other sources for research:

Library books and e-books: With over 70,000 books in the library and 125,000 e-books available online, the library offers additional materials to supplement research.

Use the library’s online catalog to search for books and to read e-books online.

Interlibrary loan: If there is a book, article, or media item you need but our library does not provide, we may be able to borrow it from another library through interlibrary loan.  Please read more about Interlibrary loans and fill out a request form to acquire such material.

If you would like to work with a librarian, please contact us!

To view the recommended databases for your program, please the other pages in this guide.

Citing Sources/Avoiding Plagiarism

If you need to brush up on Research or Citation, see the following resources: